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We are working to establish our grassroots think tank as a regional reference, inspiring other actors to adopt our innovative way to carry out research, communicate it and act upon it.

Working in alliance with other organizations we are advancing on:

The Inequality Regional Dialogues. In alliance with Columbia University at New York, we are sparking the first nationwide conversation about inequality, organizing 32 regional dialogues in Colombia. Together with national and local researchers, leaders, artists, government, and business actors, we are building policy, research, and advocacy agendas to fight inequality with a local emphasis

DEI label. We are going to design a series of workshops and a mentorship program to create more inclusive practices within private companies.

The Equity Library and DataCenter. Along with Los Andes, La Javeriana, La Nacional, and El Rosario, we are building Colombia´s first public website on inequality. The site will offer open access resources for journalists, academics, students, local governments, and the public. We will publish key indicators and a curation of academic and social literature on the topic, becoming the reference hub on inequality issues in Colombia.

Equity Analysis Framework for Public Policies. We will create a standardized tool for analyzing policies and communicating to the public how policies and laws impact different dimensions of inequalities.

Cafe of the Improbable. We created a methodology to enable improbable cross-class conversations. We are collecting primary data from these to carry out the first social experiment aimed at understanding perceptions about inequality, and how these can change through the exposure to improbable conversations with people from different walks of life. Our results will shed light on the framings that public and advocacy initiatives could use to fight inequality.

Equity Toolkit. We are going to design a set of tools for the pedagogy of inequality. We aim to transform the perceptions and behaviors of future generations.

Do you have more project ideas? Do you want to volunteer? Do you want to collaborate? Tell us.

We are exploring partnerships to build equity. Join us today, and let's Reimagine together.

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