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Our Services

Through our services we offer a chance to innovate in the way in which research is carried out, communicated and acted upon.

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Community-Engaged Research

We carry out "research with the community, not about the community." We use non-traditional research tools and mixed-methods to understand systems, design programs, and evaluate impacts.

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Knowledge Dialogues

We design methodologies, tools, languages, and dialogue spaces to bring together voices who don't typically engage in dialogue.

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Learning Communities

We create, manage, and evaluate learning and practice communities.


Communicating evidence for social change

We translate academic and technical languages to increase the impact of research. We use design, art, and technology to reach new and more diverse audiences.

¿Want to learn from our approach or do research with us? Let us know!

If you are a research center or development agency interested in increasing the impact of your research, tell us.


If you are a social organization and want to collaborate with academic or public actors to carry out research on your areas of focus, tell us.

If you are looking for a different type of service or partnership, contact us, and we will design it together.

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