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An agenda of dialogues across Colombia that brings together the voices of academics, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people to discuss the causes, consequences, and solutions to inequality in our country, from a local perspective.

Diálogos territoriales sobre Desigualdad - Región Sur

Florencia, Caquetá - Viernes 24 de mayo, 8:30am a 12m

Universidad de la Amazonía

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Diálogos Territoriales en 7 ciudades








Bringing together voices that don't typically engage with each other to spark the first national conversation on inequality. We will increase the visibility of this crucial issue for the country's future and make progress in understanding the most relevant expressions and dimensions that inequalities take in different regions of the country. This will inform the priorities and solutions that should be proposed in an agenda for building equity with a local focus.

¿What do we aim through the dialogues?

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We will conduct 7 in-person Regional Dialogues and 32 virtual Dialogues (one per department) to analyze the most relevant dimensions of inequality in each region of Colombia. We will bring together voices from different sectors to build knowledge from a diversity of perspectives.

¿How will we do it?

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  • A series of 32 research opinion pieces

  • Videos for social media

  • Podcast episodes

  • Artistic interventions

  • Policy recommendations report

  • Collaborative research agenda on inequality

  • Call for micro-grants for social dialogue initiatives on inequality.

¿What will we produce based on the dialogues?

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Next Regional dialogue

Diálogos territoriales sobre Desigualdad - Región Sur

Florencia Caquetá- Viernes 24 de mayo, 8:30am a 12m

Universidad de la Amazonía



Paulo Illich Bacca

Subdirector de Dejusticia. Investigador en Derechos Humanos y Justicia Ambiental. 


Mercedes Mejía

 Investigadora Universidad de la Amazonía. Experta en agronomía y desarrollo territorial.


Custodio Joilama

Dirigente indígena huitoto.


Fabio Valderrama

Director del Festival de cine Mambe


Arbey Alvear

Director PNIS Caquetá (Programa de Sustitución Voluntaria de Cultivos Ilícitos).

Maria Isabel_edited.jpg

Maria Isabel González

Directora asociación de mujeres emprendedoras Ayakuná

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PhD. Directora de Reimaginemos y el Centro de Investigación comunitaria Acción Pública

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